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YE3001 - Cartwheelers and Flippers

CARTWHEELERS and FLIPPERS No gymnastics experience necessary. Your child will be assessed and put into the appropriate group based on their ability and performance. After warming up and stretching, students will learn and work on cartwheels, round offs, one handed cartwheel, back bends, front/back walk overs and aerials. This class includes floor work on the mats, a high and low balance beams, and pummel horse with various tools. This class is designed to teach and improve skills that will take their gymnastics ability to the next level. Students should be able to follow directions, remain in a line and group and able to accept assistance to acquire difficult skills more easily. As skills improve, students will be moved into higher groups. Instructors will help each student to get to the next level to the best of each child's ability. Comfortable clothing, including shorts, leggings or gymnastics leotards are recommended. There will be several different groups depending on number of participants and ability. REGISTER EARLY!


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